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What is APSN?

The Alberta Post-Secondary Network is an organization comprised of the presidents of Alberta’s 26 publicly funded, not-for-profit post-secondary institutions. Meeting regularly to discuss common concerns and respond collectively to shared opportunities, APSN provides a venue for Alberta’s post-secondary leaders to build and strengthen research and teaching partnerships across the province to the benefit of their respective students and communities as well as the province as a whole.

An essential engine for job creation, Alberta’s post-secondary education system is the centre of economic and social prosperity in the province. Alberta’s 26 universities, colleges, and polytechnics produce innovators and leaders, individuals with the knowledge and skill to ensure the continued success of Alberta’s key sectors – such as agriculture, energy, and health. We prepare the next generation of employees and entrepreneurs – and fuel the industries of the future.

For more than a century, APSN's member institutions have shaped Alberta’s cultural and social development. We feed the optimism, entrepreneurship, and ambition of all Albertans in every corner of the province, and provide the learning and training they need to realize their potential, achieve their goals, and contribute to the well-being of their communities.


Our Vision

A world class post-secondary system and student experience that drives discovery, creativity and innovation.

Our Mission

Support the members as they lead an internationally, nationally and locally respected postsecondary education system that develops the next generation of economic, social and cultural community builders to create a healthy and prosperous future for all Albertans.

Our Values

  • Collaboration amongst our members builds strength

  • Partnerships are critical to our success

  • Diversity of our membership  is a strength

  • Autonomy will ensure we meet local and regional needs

  • Innovation will define the future of our system

  • Unity as a system ensures we can deliver on our vision, mission and goals.

Our Goals

  • To provide a foundation for collaboration and partnerships amongst our members and other key stakeholders 

  • To lead a made in Alberta model for post secondary education that supports the institutional diversity and  autonomy 

  • To support effective student engagement, mobility and high quality learning opportunities

  • To be an established driver of talent creation for individuals, Alberta employers and all levels of government

  • To report on the outcomes achieved by our members and the efficiency of their operations to the people of Alberta

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