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Take a look at APSN's past and upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

APSN Stampede Event - July 4, 2024

APSN Advocacy Day - October 2, 2024

President, Board Chairs & Government Winter Reception - November 26, 2024

APSN's Previous EVENTS

Presidents, Board Chairs & Government Winter Reception 2023

On November 30th, APSN hosted it's inaugural Presidents, Board Chairs & Government Winter Reception at the Queen Elizabeth II Building. It was well attended by APSN members, their board chairs, student representatives as well as various government Ministers, MLA's and their staff.

APSN/ ACC Talent Development Symposium 2023

APSN partnered with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce to host their second annual Talent Development Symposium. The event aimed to bring together business leaders, post-secondary institutions, and government officials to find ways on bridging the gap for workforce excellence, explore innovative strategies, gain insights, and network for a brighter future in Alberta's talent landscape.

APSN Advocacy Day 2023

APSN held its second annual Advocacy Day on September 28th at NorQuest College. Presidents welcomed the newly appointed Advanced Education Minister Rajan Sawhney and Mental Health and Addictions Minister Dan Williams, as well as a contingent from the official opposition. Great conversations about the challenges and opportunities ahead for the system.

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